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Creating searchable CDROM


DocSearcher uses the Open Source Lucene and POI Apache APIs as well as the Open Source PDF Box API to provide searching capabilities for HTML Document HTML, MS Word Document MS Word, MS Excel Document MS Excel, RTF Document RTF, PDF Document PDF, Open Office Document LibreOffice, OpenOffice (and StarOffice) Documents, and Text Document text documents. Other file formats are currently not supported.

Runs on all systems with JAVA support.

Click here to download.

To run you must unzip and execute the DocSearch.jar file.
This can be accomplished by simply double clicking it - on most systems with the Java 8 higher runtime - or from a command line like this:

java -jar DocSearch.jar

Survey about the usage of DocSearcher

For the further development of DocSearcher we need your help.
Please let us know which DocSearcher functions you are using and which functions you are missing.

Used functions:
 indexing of directories
 indexing of web pages
 creating cd indexes
 DocSearcher usage as servlet
 using bookmarks
 saving results

Missing functions and other comments: