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Creating searchable CDROM


This project started life when I(John) was tasked to produce a CD-ROM capable of providing search functionality for Dept. of Homeland Security Legislative documents. Because DHS is comprised of many new member agencies and govt. offices - it had to work on multiple platforms out of the box. This is what lead me to look at integrating the Lucene, POI, and PDFBox APIs to get the job done.

Beyond Searchable CDs and Personal Files: Internet & Intranet Search Engine

There is a server side component to DocSearcher which enables its Lucene indexes to be searched via web pages - i.e. for use on a corporate intranet for example. The software is packaged in a .war file and is called docSearch.war . Deployment on a standard J2EE or J2SE app server such as Tomcat or Jetty should be fairly easy. There is only one deployment descripter to set - which is the value called USER_HOME, which should point to the directory where the index_list.htm file is located. This file lists the DocSearcher/Lucene indexes that DocSearcher is set up to use.